June 15, 2024

Nathaniel Drew

“I’m drawn to explore my internal world. This, I think, is the source of everything. And it’s easy to forget that because it’s so easy to think that the solutions can be found on the outside”

– Nathaniel Drew

When thinking about how to describe Nathaniel Drew’s channel I couldn’t quite find the right words. Nathaniel covers a few different aspects of life in his videos. He’s very introspective in his approach to learning about himself and the world. One thing I find appealing is his genuine approach. You can feel his authenticity through his honesty about the struggles he’s had with mental health. This makes him very relatable to most viewers.

Nathaniel speaks many different languages. 5 if I remember correctly. This helps as he travels around the globe communicating with the people of the world. One of my favorite series is called “Living Like The Giants” where he researches the daily routines of great thinkers throughout history and repeats their daily routine for a day. After following their routine for the day he shares his thoughts on what he’s learned about their process. A few of the people he’s mirrored have been Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, Da Vinci and the Dalai Lama.

Eventually, the success of Nathans’s YouTube channel led him to create a second channel called No Backup Plan. No Backup Plan is a series of experiments where Nathaniel makes videos on various interests without the constraints of his original channel. You can see this by the more relaxed content.

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