June 15, 2024
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Yes Theory


“We believe life’s greatest moments and deepest connections exist outside of your comfort zone”

-Yes Theory

Yes Theory

Yes Theory has slowly become one of my favorite channels on YouTube. Adventure, inspiration, education and great values are a few of the takeaways you’ll get from watching these guys. They originally started out as a group of 4. Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer and Derin Emre. Derin left the group in 2017 after passport issues but can still be seen on rare occasions in a few episodes.

The story of how these guys met is incredible and cant be taken lightly seeing how far they’ve actually come. Their YouTube channel originally started in 2015 and started out under the name Project 30. A chance to do 30 things they’ve never done in 30 days. Well… by day 30 they had created a small following and were having so much fun it turned into a longer project. Yes Theory was born out of that. Fast forward to 2022 and they’ve made content that ranges from Jumping out of a Helicopter with Will Smith to climbing the worlds largest pyramid.

Snapchat eventually gave these guys a handsome budget to travel and the freedom to create what they desire. This led to an enormous amount of YouTube content and a loyal following. What’s unique about Yes Theory is they have created a community of followers who actively participate in many of their ventures and are even called on to play a part in videos. Most of the time this involves the subscriber or random stranger stepping out of their comfort zone and going on some sort of an adventure with the group. Sometimes it’s skydiving and sometimes it’s a spontaneous trip across the country. The ideas they come up with are genius.

These days the group has successfully launched a second YouTube channel called Seek Discomfort as well as a clothing line under the same name. Their Yes Theory YouTube channel has almost 8 million subscribers and they’re about to release a film globally called Project Iceman.

If you’re someone who appreciates good values, and morals and believes in the kindness of humanity this is the channel for you. The group makes a point of reaching out to the less fortunate and giving back to those who need it. Most importantly they do a great job of spreading the messages and stories of people who may not be heard otherwise. So if you haven’t given them a chance yet you should say yes to Yes Theory and you won’t regret it.

You can visit Yes Theory on their social platforms provided below. They are very active in a global community of followers they have built throughout the years.

Yes Theory

Seek Discomfort

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